Championnat National GR 2019

June 16, 2019

During the weekend of June, 15-16th all attention of the rhythmic gymnastics community was focused on National Championships, where 106 individual gymnasts and 11 groups from seven local clubs presented their work to the judges and the public. The age of contestants varied from the youngest of 6 and all the way to the seniors. Rythmocats club was presented almost in each age and level categories both in individual and group programs. We are very proud of the demonstrated level and would like to congratulate the entire team of trainers, choreographers and club management who supported the girls in their way to success. 

10 rythmogirls defended the club in the strongest A category of nationals and the title of Champion of Luxembourg went to stunning Elizaveta Iampolskaia. 2019 is the first year in senior category for 15 year old Elizaveta and she charmed both the judges and the public by her amazing apparatus masteries, elegant execution and emotional performance. Bravo, Elizaveta!


You will find the complete results here:

Liza's ball presentation during European Championships in Bakou:


Congratulations to all participants

Congratulations to liza iampolskaia 🥇 the new champion of luxembourg 

No Limits Cup Antwerpen

May 20, 2019

Junior A category 
Alina Bonnier 🥇place
Eva Sguerra 4th place

Pre Junior A category 
Sania Nenkova 🥈 place
Michelle Schaack 🥉 place

2008 A category
Alina Perederiy 🥉place

2008 B category 
Larissa Sobocan 🥈 place
Amandine Simon 5th place

2009 B category 
Elise Coquillard 🥇 place

2010 A category 
Angelina Bonnier 5th place
Emilia Stasans 7th place

2010 B category 
Zoya Pcola 8th place

2011 A category 
Paris Graas 5th place

So proud of our girls and wish them luck for upcoming competitions and winning more 🥇 and 🏆


May 05, 2019

The gymnasts of our club took part in the Passtorelli Cup in Nurnberg. They performed very well and got great results.Congratulations


catégorie 2010B, 17 participantes
Maia Mihu 9ieme place

catégorie 2009B, 16 participantes
Elise Coquillard 6ieme place

catégorie 2008B, 15 participantes
Larissa Sobocan, 9ieme place

catégorie 2010A, 12 participantes
Emilia Stasans, 7ieme place
Angelina Bonnier, 11 place

Catégorie 2008A, 13 participantes
Alina Perederiy, 12ieme place 

Catégorie 2007A, 26 participantes
 Michelle Schaack, 15ieme place 
Sania Nenkova, 20ieme place 

Catégorie 2005A, 7 participantes
🥈Alina Bonnier, médaille d’argent 
Eva Sguerra, 5ieme place 

BeneLux Cup 2019

March 29, 2019

The gymnasts of Rythmo-cats took part on March, 30th ins Greater Region & Benelux Cup Open - international competition in rhythmic gymnastics, organized by Rythmica Lux asbl.


Our club was represented by 21 individual gymnasts and 18 girls forming 3 groups. Additionally, this was a great opportunity for the spectators to enjoy the presentations of aesthetic gymnastics in groups (AGG).


More than 180 gymnasts representing 9 countries took part in this sports event. The tournament was open for three preparation levels of gymnasts: starting with those who train around 10 hours a week and finishing with those who devote to training activities more than 20 hours a week. 

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